About Us

We're a full-service market research company ready to amaze you our services!

Who We Are

Quintana Research & Consulting is a leading Business Consulting and Market Research Firm. We combine industry expertise with probing market insights in innovative ways to deliver enduring results to deliver critical information to leading decision makers. We help our clients to find answers relevant to their business, facilitating decision-making; identify potential market opportunities, competitor assessments and business environmental assessment. Quintana Research & Consulting is a knowledge partner for business strategy and market research.

We offer a comprehensive range of modelling and analytical services that will integrate data from multiple resources and transform these data into information, thus providing your business with new tactical and strategic insights. Our statistical techniques can contribute in quantifying likely outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness of your business’ current marketing plans. Our resources are comprehensively equipped to handle any project and our dedicated personnel are committed to providing personal attention to your unique needs.

What We Do

We design solutions for growth and transformation through a deep understanding of human behavior.

At Quintana, we understand consumer, we talk to consumers, we listen to consumers and we watch consumer all over the world to find out what they think and how they interact with your brands, products and services. We then turn this research into engaging insight and strategy to help our clients make business decisions for their growth.

We believe our creative research solutions give clients a deeper level of insight about their customers.

Industry Expertise

Our experts use high-craft, creativity and technological innovation to create exceptional brand experiences. Our Research & Consulting expertise and our Market-Leading Practices ensure excellence in our end-to-end solutions to make the best business decisions approach.

Research Methodology

We Help You Measure, Predict, and Improve Your Business — Advising Along the Way


Quintana helps its clients assess their research needs with accessible, clear and prompt client communication throughout the process.


We identify the best methodology and technology to take your research project and results to the next level.


We manage step wise all phases of your research project with focus on quality and result oriented business solutions.


Our core competences are high-quality service with a focus on our client’s business verticals.