With innovative approaches and implementation strength we provide more possibilities, more transparency, more security, more power and more performance.

Quintana Research & Consulting is a fast-growing global market research and consulting firm providing end-to-end research solutions. From the platform of Research & Consulting, we are passionate to help entrepreneurs, business owners and companies through Market Research (Surveys & Interviews), Feasibility Study and Business Plan services. Quintana was formed by a group of market research experts who are dedicated to helping clients understand their customers’ buying habits and behaviour.

Quintana Research & Consulting prides itself on providing solutions to clients' marketing issues - via high quality conceptualization and execution, combined with insightful interpretation and strategic thinking.

Competitive Intelligence

We utilize comprehensive competitive insights to make strategic, informed, forward-looking business decisions. Our strategies are combination of in-depth primary research findings with both traditional and innovative analytical tools; which help us to view the market and the competition in a strategic way.


We can provide clients with an accurate view of the evolving market. Our professionals and experienced consultants help clients in understanding the growing market, identifying the opportunities and developing strategies to win the market.

Market Forecasting

We help you to analyse as well as estimates applicable future values, trends and the nature of your target market based on specific attributes. We do forecast through conducting appropriate market research in order to estimate populations of target users in each segment and the annual growth rates for each.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation divides a broad population into subsets of consumers who have common needs, interests, and priorities for purchasing a product or service. Selecting the best segmentation scheme and designing and implementing actionable market segmentation research is our specialty.

Company Profiling

Our profiling services are powered by a team of expert marketers and writers who develop business content that sell. We also bring in our market research team to give ample insights to develop the right kind of market message.

Market Assessment

Our Market Assessment method is used to unpack the preferences of consumers about different marketing offers. Comprehensive understanding of the marketplace is the foundation for all business decisions. This is the kind of research that tells you whether you will have a real business or not. Often, we help you to design solutions when there are no problems to be solved.