Terms & Conditions

This Terms of Use Notice is prepared by Quintana Research. All respondents and panel members who participate in our market research studies must abide by the terms and conditions as given below.

Key Definitions

Standard Terms of Commitment

Any person agreeing to take part in one our research studies must adhere to the following:

Intellectual Proprietary, Confidentiality & Liability

All the materials used in a market study including photos, videos, design, trade names, and similar content that is available in either the Panel or the Company’s website are protected by the country’s Intellectual Property laws. But all trademarks and copyrights fall under the discretion of an owner’s control, unless it has been stated otherwise.

All owners, including Panel members, survey respondents, or third-party owners, are responsible for the protection of their content and must adhere to the general privacy laws. They must ensure no damage comes to the material under any form.

Respondents and Panellists have to strictly abide by the confidentiality terms of the Company’s Privacy Policy. They must keep all research materials and content protected and are not allowed to disclose the said information to any other third-party.

All Respondents, Panellists, Members and Users who have given their consent to this Terms and Conditions notice have wilfully agreed to being part of our market research studies. The Company will not bear the responsibility for any loss or damage caused to any of our Panellists, Respondents, and Members. The Company can only be held liable for the services it offers.

Force Majeure

The Company cannot be held accountable in the event of any failure they face in delivering their services, if caused by any reasons that are outside their conscious control.

The Company reserves the right to make any changes or modifications to this Terms of Use Notice at any point of time. If there are any disputes in the given terms and conditions, users shall resolve these issues directly with the Company.