Competitive Intelligence

Get actionable data insights to predict the trends in the industry.

At Quintana Research, we offer research-backed, relevant, and real-time data insights to help your company gain a competitive edge in the market. We gather information from all spectrums of the industry and, based on these insights, offer you actionable solutions.

We collect our data through a wide range of methodologies, such as qualitative research, interviews, focus groups, etc. Our data research experts analyse the collected data and come up with useful insights to help you develop strategic solutions for your business. Our competitive intelligence services allow our clients to make better predictions and take relevant decisions to deal with the latest business challenges.

The Benefits of Competitive Intelligence


Keep a track of industry trends and predict future happenings


Strengthen your company’s market defence

One Step Ahed

Be one step ahead of your competitors by anticipating their movements


Take informed business decisions backed by relevant data

How Quintana Offers Best Insights?

  • Skilled & Experienced TeamQuintana Research is backed by an incredible team of data collectors, researchers, and analysts. We have a deep understanding of the work we do and the industry we operate in. Our highly skilled and experienced team is our secret to uncovering all the complex problems and delivering insightful data analyses to our clients.
  • Robust Data CollectionWe implement a unique mix of primary and secondary research methodologies to collect relevant and useful information. Our effective methods of data collection ensure that our analysts always get the right insights.
  • Timely ReportingBeing on time is of utmost importance when it comes to delivering sensitive, time-related, and data-driven insights. Our team at Quintana Research prides itself on consistently delivering relevant, real-time data insights without any delay.
  • Customizable SolutionsWe provide full support to our clients by delivering the most accurate and relevant intelligence to help them deal with their unique, day-to-day challenges.

Our Competitive Intelligence Services

real time

Real-Time Intelligence


Competitive Benchmarking

Market Expansion

Market Expansion

Price Analysis

Price Analysis


Key Competitor Tracking


Company Profiling & Analysis

Acquisitions Analysis

Mergers And Acquisitions Analysis

Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape


Views On Supplier Performance

News Assessment

News Assessment

Strategy Assessment

Strategy Assessment

Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial Pipeline Analysis

What Are We Offering?

  • Real-Time Intelligence From qualitative research to face-to-face interviews, we implement a handful of robust methodologies to collect our primary data. Our team is skilled enough to gather relevant, useful, and real-time data that can be used for analytical insights.
  • Actionable Insights Our expert team of data analysts studies and analyses all the data collected with the aim of delivering high-value insights that can help our clients. We come up with strategic solutions that can be used to gain a competitive advantage and deal with the market’s challenges.
  • Industry Experience Quintana Research has proven its mettle in the research industry with years of credible work experience and consistent good client feedback. We have more than 800 clients worldwide and operate in 40+ market sectors.