Custom Research

Get data insights specific to your business requirements.

At Quintana Research, we prepare custom market research reports that provide our clients with market insights specific to their company and requirements. We have data researchers and analysts on the team with special expertise in particular industries and key domains. Our focus is on understanding the requirements of each client and delivering data-driven and quality-oriented insights as per the recommended project frameworks, timelines, and costs.

With our custom research services, our aim is to provide completely customizable qualitative research reports that are specific to our clients’ needs, and not generic to the industry. We focus on gaining deeper insights from the targeted segment and offer tailor-made research services that provide accurate and exclusive information for the client.

The Benefits of Custom Research

specific market

Get targeted information on specific market segments


Deeper insights on identifying opportunities and threats

strategic planning

Facilitates strategic planning with data-driven insights

How Can Quintana Research Help You?

At Quintana, we have a skilled and experienced team of researchers, data analysts, and domain experts to focus on specific core areas.
We provide custom research services for the following:

  • Market Analysis:
    • Market segmentation
    • Market sizing
    • Forecasting
    • Strategic recommendations
    • Market potential analysis
  • Strategy and Planning:
    • Market attractiveness
    • Market entry
    • Opportunity identification
    • Scenario analysis
    • Strategic frameworks
  • Target Market Analysis:
    • Addressable market analysis
    • B2B white papers
    • Go to market strategy
    • Marketing mix modelling
    • Product competition
  • Insights and Innovation:
    • B2B survey analysis
    • Technology landscape
    • Mega trend analysis
    • Patent analysis
    • R&D landscape
  • Competitive Intelligence:
    • Company analysis
    • Due diligence
    • Competitive landscape
    • Industry benchmarking
  • Financial Analysis:
    • Economic impact analysis
    • IPO prospectus
    • M&A screening

What We Offer?

  • Real-Time Intelligence From qualitative research to face-to-face interviews, we implement a handful of robust methodologies to collect our primary data. Our team is skilled enough to gather relevant, useful, and real-time data that can be used for analytical insights.
  • Industry Experience Quintana Research has proven its mettle in the research industry with years of credible work experience and receiving good client feedback consistently. We have more than 75 clients worldwide and operate in 40+ market sectors.
  • Actionable Insights Our expert team of data analysts studies and analyses all the data collected with the aim of delivering high-value insights that can help our clients. We come up with strategic solutions that can be used to gain a competitive advantage and deal with the market’s challenges.