Primary Research

Gather reliable data from fully vetted sources.

At Quintana Research, we implement a blend of innovative and traditional methodologies to collect accurate, reliable, and useful data for our clients across the globe. Our primary research services enable our clients to gather quick and valuable data insights delivered in real-time. We provide them with all the necessary information they need to study and understand the customers’ needs.

We have an experienced and capable team of moderators and subject matter experts conducting the interviews. They have the skills and expertise to create a fair and transparent dialogue channel with the target audience and gather accurate and reliable data that can be leveraged for customer intelligence. We take a customizable approach towards our research activities and use methodologies that best suit our clients. Our primary research services include online surveys, telephonic interviews (CATI), face-to-face interviews, and focus groups.


We have a highly skilled and dedicated team that can collect data through in-depth interviewing techniques. The aim here is to gain a deeper insight into various behaviour patterns and decision-making processes. Our team will find out the right target, recruit them, and moderate a discussion with them to gain these insights. The common methodologies we use in qualitative data collection are CATI, a mix of CATI plus online, and focus groups. Our moderators are skilled enough to probe the respondents with the right questions in order to gain specific insights.


We use a combination of traditional methods and innovative techniques to collect the data required by our clients. Our team has enough credible experience with B2B and B2C data collection across several industry verticals around the world. We conform to all industry practices and offer cost-effective and scalable solutions for gathering information from fully vetted and verified sources. Our methodology for quantitative data collection comprises hybrid approach, mostly like CATI plus Online, Online Surveys, and Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI).

Our Research Techniques

We offer you a wide range of primary research services that will meet all types of business requirements. Quintana Research is ready to assist you with all of your data needs, whether it is discovering new insights about your customers or evaluating market response to your latest product. Providing real-time, accurate, and reliable information is our key driving factor. We leverage new technologies with traditional methods to find useful and relevant insights.

Our methodologies include:

Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

Collect data from a large section of the audience using the CATI method. Our moderators are specialised in the telephone surveying technique. The respondent is asked a pre-approved set of questions, and the subsequent questions are customised as per the answers provided.


This method is typically used for in-depth surveys. Our interviewers will physically meet with the respondent to collect the required data. Our interviews are skilled at asking targeted questions to get as truthful an answer as possible.

Computer Assisted Web
Interviewing (CAWI)

This type of surveying method is considered cost-effective as it allows for the interviewing of a large group of people without any human intervention. The respondent answers a questionnaire on the web, where the flow of the questions is pre-approved based on the answers being provided.


A small group of people is gathered in a room - all belonging to similar demographics and having similar traits and interests. We have experienced moderators who can skillfully manage a group to collect relevant and honest data as required.

What Are We Offering?

Real-Time Intelligence

From qualitative research to face-to-face interviews, we implement a handful of robust methodologies to collect our primary data. Our team is skilled enough to gather relevant, useful, and real-time data that can be used for analytical insights.

Actionable Insights

Our expert team of data analysts’ studies and analyses all the collected data with the aim of delivering high-value insights that can help our clients. We come up with strategic solutions that can be used to gain a competitive advantage and to deal with the challenges of the market.

Industry Experience

Quintana Research has proven its mettle in the research industry with years of credible work experience and consistent good client feedback. We have more than 80 clients worldwide, and we operate in more than 40 markets.

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